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Lets get that one male lurkers

You heard that grey faces! Let’s get those male apps in!


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In Jeremy's bio it says his good friend is Adrian, but then the next line says he can't stand Adrian...

Oops, I knew I forgot to change something xD Thank you for letting me know that grey face :)

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Jeremy Hensen || 22 yrs old || Resembles Tyler Hoechlin || Available

"There is nothing wrong with me. I just am who I am."

If ever there was anyone who knew how to throw on a good game face, it was Jeremy. He’s an asshole that’s known to throw out some of the best pick up lines and poker faces that the East coast has ever heard and seen. He’s a rule breaking Casanova who does nothing but get himself into trouble.  Being quite skilled in getting what he needed came easy to him because he just knew how to get what he wanted and needed within a certain amount of time. His rugged good looks only added to that dangerous charm he puts out there to the world. Some of his victims have even said they knew he was trouble since the moment they met.

But this boy was just so good at making girls give into their inhibitions to make him happy. He found this to be a blessed gift that he never wants to give up which was something that upset his parents quite a bit. No matter how hard his parents try to teach him the difference between right and wrong, he just doesn’t seem to care for it. He does bad things because he knows it gives him the attention he craves. He’s never been use to a girl saying no to him hence his superiority complex. Though many women have called him an arrogant prick he actually quite liked the label. He never really cared for what people thought of him because they didn’t run his life, he did. Jeremy has lived in Tree Hill his entire life and he’s had a few choice words for the town but he chose to keep his mouth shut because sometimes it wasn’t the best to alienate certain people of this town.

What most people don’t know about Jeremy is that he’s a huge fan of rock music. His favorite bands are “New Found Glory” and “Weezer.”  The only person in this town who he finds interesting is Helena Adams. The girl had this spark about her that he found rather intriguing. Her taste of music not only impressed him but it was also how she spoke her mind. He liked that she spoke her mind and didn’t mind being a bitch if she needed to be. He wished that more people stood up to him instead of being afraid but nobody can have their cake and eat it too. Currently Jeremy is just trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.

  • Intolerant, loves challenges, fresh and honest.
  • He can be nice if he wants to be.
  • His only friends are Logan Evans, Matthew Stone, Davis Baker and Christine Pierce.
  • He cannot stand Jude Baker and Adrian McFadden because he finds them boring and fake. No guy is honestly that nice.
  • Deceitful, cocky and athletic.
  • Is currently trying to sleep with all the attractive women of Tree Hill as a bet with one of his friends.
  • Family has always come first to him, he’d do anything for his parents- well except behave.
  • He’s next door neighbors with Karina Amell.

His secret is → Up to roleplayer (Put in anything else section of app)


  • His parents are → N/A
  • His possible love interest are → Anastasia Darcy, Karina Amell, Ashlynn Cruise, Emma Weston, Mia Ross, and Helena Adams, up to roleplayer.

Sebastian Reed  || 25 yrs old || Resembles Ryan Reynolds  || Available

"I’m the biggest jackass in the world."

Ultimate Comics has been Sebastian Reed’s home for many years. As a child he could remember always visiting the store with his mother in whom his father owned and he’d sit and read comics all day until it was time for him and his father to return home. He lived a great childhood filled with ideas and images of fun, love, family, justice and most importantly of all, heroes. The idea that a simple person could save an entire human race fascinated him. Sebastian got his love for comics from his father who had almost every comic imaginable before he started his store. His bed time stories were actually some of the greatest Marvel and DC comics known to date. When Sebastian had reached his teen years, he still loved comics and videos games but he also started to get into cars, girls and working. His first job was actually at his father’s comic book store which he loved because it gave him time to read the latest editions that would come out and get to know about the new stories that have come to life.  

In high school, Sebastian grew to be a very well respected young man with a bright future. He made outstanding grades, played all the sports he was good at but what was even more amazing was that he still loved comic books. He was never classified as a geek because he told his peers that just because you’re into things most people were not doesn’t mean you are a geek or weird. They just like what they like. This lead to Sebastian not only being homecoming king and prom king but as well named the person to most likely succeed in his high school. After high school Sebastian moved from his small city of Charleston to a well known business school. For four years, Sebastian worked hard and absorbed everything he could about the business world. He graduated with high honors and was even offered an opportunity to even speak to some small college classes.

At one of his lectures he met a beautiful young woman named Leena Collins. After about a year of dating and many cups of coffee, Sebastian thought he was in love. Leena was like everything a man could desire in one package. She had everything from her beautiful good looks and brains but she didn’t really have a personality that stuck out to him. Yes, she was kind and pretty but that was all he could see from her. For three years he’s tried to dig deep into her soul but he couldn’t read her. Feeling like things were kind of weighing him down, Sebastian told Leena that he needed to spend some time in his hometown because he was ill but that was a lie. Honestly Sebastian needed alone time and he didn’t want to completely break her heart yet because he does love her, he’s just not sure if she’s his damsel in distress. That winter back home in Charleston changed his life forever. He met a girl, a new employee of his dad’s named Kasey and the two instantly hit it off at hello.

The two shared a love just for comic books but he really enjoyed her views on some things he didn’t see the point in. He felt this instant connection with Kasey and he couldn’t help but one night when they hung out, he just out right kissed her under the stair case of the comic book store. That kiss lit a fire inside him that he’s never felt before. Not even with Leena but he completely forgot about his girlfriend while he was around Kasey. Sebastian had the most blissful year and four months with Kasey. Though they had a somewhat big age difference, that didn’t stop how he felt around her. Everything was going perfect until he received a text from Leena, his other girlfriend. It was the most heart-wrenching message he ever read. She had given him an ultimatum because he’s been gone too long.  

Sebastian knew what he had to do; he needed to make a choice. It was the hardest choice he had to make but he needed to. He couldn’t keep up the charade anymore. So he told Kasey that he needed to go home but that what they had is amazing but long distance wasn’t going to work but in reality he wanted to choose Kasey but her age made him realize that he needed someone more his age. Yeah, Leena was somewhat plain but she was beautiful and smart. He didn’t want to break her heart anymore and Kasey..she was going to have many guys fawn over her plus she was too perfect not to have someone new. So that fall he went back and proposed to Leena, telling her that he had found what he was looking for and that he realized she was it for him though in his heart he knew it was a lie. A year later, as the two were ready to start wedding planning Sebastian was finally going to meet Leena’s family who she hasn’t stopped talking about for weeks. But that rainy night, not only did he meet her somewhat dysfunctional family but also the girl who stole his heart…Leena’s younger sister.

  • Quiet, confident, smart and Indecisive.
  • He would give up his own happiness to make the others in his life happy even if it brings him misery.
  • Finds it hard to be around Kasey without wanting to hold and kiss her.
  • He’s a good guy at heart but wanting the happiness of his peers is going to be his downfall.
  • He does love Leena but he didn’t feel that spark that was once there after their year of  dating.
  • He never told his father about Leena until he came back to Tree Hill with her.
  • He’s really good friends with Nathan Scott, Mason Kane, Jamie Scott, Andre Fields and Rylan Mcfadden.
  • He currently co-owns the Comic Book shop and runs a small deep south glass company selling wine glasses.

His secret is → I can’t think straight around Kasey but I still care for Leena. I think I may be in love with Kasey. Damn it I’m screwed.


  • His parents are → Malcolm Reed
  • His possible love interest are → Leena Collins, Kasey Collins, Madison Landry, Novalie Tennessean and Victoria Michaels, up to roleplayer.

Brooklyn Hammerstein || 16 yrs old || Resembles Zandaya Coleman || Available

"I want you to dance your heart out. I want you to feel the music inside you, don’t worry about looking retarded because that word doesn’t exist in dancing."

Brooklyn always wanted to be the best dancer in the world. She wanted to be exactly like her mother, who was a well known ballerina for a prestigious ballet company. She grew up watching her mother teach ballet and dance to the other younger girls in the neighborhood which included her. It fascinated her how these simple movements could make something dull seem so beautiful. The first ballet show she ever saw was her mother’s when she was only five years old. It mesmerized her; she couldn’t stop thinking about the fluid movements and the music. So she worked herself day and night to become the best ballerina she could be for years. Nothing would stop her from reaching her dreams. Even when she almost twisted her ankle, she went right back to the bars to train more. Her drive and motive were astonishing to most people. As a few years passed Brooklyn was at the top of her game, she was the number one dancer and a shoe in for a dance scholarship from one of the most prestigious magnet schools. Everything she had ever dreamed of since she was five years old was finally coming true. Nothing could tear this girl down but then tragedy struck.

The night of her first solo dance from Swan Lake, her mother died in a car crash. Her world had finally crumbled down. Everything had changed and it hurt her for a long time. Two weeks after her mother’s funeral, Brooklyn’s birth father had taken her in and moved to a small town called Tree Hill. At first Brooke didn’t want to leave New York because that was where her mother was buried but she was under aged and by law she needed to go live with her father. She hated Tree Hill; the people all seemed too fake and like everyone knew each other and it kind of creeped her out. But as her first year rolled by, she started to get use to the town and her father. She even managed to make some new friends but in the end it honestly didn’t matter because she stopped doing the one thing she truly loved, dancing. Currently Brooklyn is trying to get through high school and find her place in a world that she feels isn’t really worth living without her mom by her side.

  • Talented at dancing, free spirited, Prim and proper.
  • She loves to laugh and knows how to have a good time.
  • She’s really close friends with Cece Brown, Vivian Kane, Kasey Collins and Nikolas Whitman.
  • She hopes to be on “So you think you can dance” Some day or at least in a step up movie.
  • Her favorite movies are the “Step Up” series.
  • She loves to dance but as soon as her mom passed, she felt like if she continued to dance, things wouldn’t be the same.
  • Always is getting into fights with her dad because he acts like he cares and she believes he’s just doing it cause he has to.
  • Her favorite class is drama because it makes her feel better and she can imagine her mom is still with her.
  • Has tried to at least once commit suicide but her best friend Cece caught her before she tried.

Her secret is → I was diagnosed with Depression at the age of 15.


  • Her best friend is → Cece Brown
  • Her possible love interest are → Simon Warner, Beckett Elliot, Davis Baker and Nikolas Whitman, up to roleplayer.

Valentina Adams || 18 yrs old || Resembles Nicole Gale Anderson || Available

"If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me."

Valentina Adams is the splitting image of her mother, Tina Adams. Her actions and mannerism even were exactly like a mini Tina, which was the nickname she got from her uncle Chase. But that wasn’t always a good thing according to the entire Adams family. Val has always been quite the handful child; always doing what she wasn’t supposed to be doing and knowing what she was doing was wrong. It frustrated her mother to no end but there was just no way for Valentina to be controlled. All her life she was given whatever she asked for no matter what the price was. If she screamed, the people would ask how high. If she had a boo-boo she’d be given the most expensive ice cream.

This girl got whatever she wanted by just shedding one tear. She grew accustomed to doing so after awhile. As a young child, Val was always the first one to get the most expensive and pretty clothes. She loved to make her friends jealous because she loved having the best of everything. When she started her teenage years, Val started to get a bit more mature but she was still somewhat spoiled. Though she did have her nice moments she rarely let it show because she didn’t want to be taken advantage of because of all the lifetime movies she’d watch. But to be honest, Val wasn’t as shallow as people saw her. She’s just been given a good life and she milks it every chance she gets. The only person who she acts truly herself with is Lance Weston because he actually gets her. He was also the very first person she met in Tree Hill that wasn’t family. She told him all about her family life and how privileged she was but sometimes lets it go to her head though she doesn’t mean to.

When Val turned sixteen years old, she was forced to move in with her aunt Mia and Uncle Chase due to the fact her parents were moving to Europe and they didn’t want her to finish school in Europe due to the big differences in the school system. At first she was mad at them but then realized after doing a bit of research that her parents did the right thing. As time passed by, Val began to like Tree Hill more and more. She found the people interesting but still didn’t trust everyone. Trying to find her way to get through this life, Valentina is currently attending her senior year at Tree Hill high.

  • Sarcastic, witty, manipulativ and graceful.
  • She loves money and doesn’t know what she’d do without it.
  • Her closest friends are Lance Weston, Bridget Teller, Noah Morello, Simone Wells and Justice Tennessean.
  • She loves to talk a lot and is very good at lying.
  • Never wears anything that is under 100 dollars.  
  • Is only her true self around Lance because he seems to get where she’s coming from.
  • Is actually a nice girl if people get past the fact she’s rich and gets all she wants.

Her secret is → My spoiled brat act isn’t really an act and ‘m trying to change but than again I don’t want I’m lying. Oops.


  • Her cousins are → Emilia and Helena Adams
  • Her possible love interest are → Jamal Penberly, Lance Weston,  Dominic Morello and Tobias Scott, up to roleplayer.
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