Event #3 —- Coming This August. More Details coming Thursday.

Event #3 —- Coming This August. More Details coming Thursday.

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You know what would seriously make my night for when I get home from work?

If you lovelies would come check out this kickass second generation one tree hill roleplay and apply! We got a lot of popular face claims still left for the taken and more to come in the very near future. So come check us out and apply! As soon as I receive two more apps, I will start accepting so come on you know you want to.

anthonywhitman asked:
Here's anthony!

Everyone follow Anthony!

Anthony Whitman is now taken!

Our lovely roleplayer Amanda will be taken up the youngest Whitman.

Come check us out and apply! We’d love to have you.

App count updated +3

How about some male apps?

We need more sexy men up in this place. So how about checking them out and applying for one of them? You’d make me one happy admin if you do.

App count updated! +2

Come check us out and apply!

We’d love to see some fresh faces on the dash. Did I mention we got a lot of really amazing and nice roleplayers here? We are one big happy family and would love to have you join us here in Tree Hill, North Carolina. Come check us out and apply today.

Annoucement about Family Videos

Ok Guys, so after much thought and trying to finish and find music for the family videos I have decided not to do family videos for each individual families. I’m really sorry but the videos are too short and some of the scenes for the face claims just don’t mesh well together. Instead though, I will finish the second Promo blog video and start working on ship videos in which each ship video the family members will appear to make up for the ship video :) So I hope your not too mad but I do hope yu will look forward for the promo vid and the ship ones.

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