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Changing everything up again. Going to redo the bios as well. This place will be back summer 2014!!! yayyy


Admin is online for a bit, going to work on some bios and than I’m going to redo the page again. I don’t know why but I’m being so picky to find the perfect theme. Lol if you’d like to apply for a character, feel free to by submitting an app! Or if you got any questions, please ask them. I am here for awhile.

Aiden Morello || 24 Years Old || Looks like Tyler Hoechlin || Currently Open


Aiden Morello is the second child of Owen Morello and an asshole. Even though Aiden likes acting like a dick most of the time, he’s really not a jerk. He just doesn’t want people to see the real him. The aspect of falling in love scares him. He rather be alone than with someone who will care about him because he knows he’s not good enough for the person. He only causes bad things to happen. His only friends in this town were Logan Evans and Davis Baker. In high school, Aiden was considered a real trouble maker. He rarely attended his classes, he talked back to his teachers, had sex in the janitor’s closet with cheerleaders and never once cracked open a book. But what was most funny about the situation was on every school test he took, Aiden managed to rattle up an A- on every assignment.

Many teachers have questioned him for cheating but proof was never found, so he was let off. Truth be told Aiden was really smart, he just didn’t like to show it to others. The only person who truly knew him was his younger sister Sophie because he is always helping her with her homework. So behind that bad boy façade, Aiden is a good guy but he feels that showing it will only make people like him and he doesn’t want to be liked. He just wants to get the hell out of tree hill.

Fun Facts

  • Rude, smart and careless.
  • He’s always looked out for his family though, out in public he pretends he doesn’t give a damn.
  • Often is seen goofing off near Keith’s auto shop with Davis Baker.
  • Had a one night stand with Jenny Jagielski at the age of 17. 
  • Does not know he is the father of Jenny’s daughter.
  • He actually does want to go to college to be a politician.
  • Hopes to one day be president of the United States.
  • Secretly attending Harvard Law School and recently graduated with high marks.

His inner circle

  • He is the son of Owen Morello.
  • His possible love interest are: Jenny Jagielski, Poppy Evans, Lydia Scott, Up to roleplayer

Thirteen more bios to go! So excited to get this place back. Trying to get all the bios posted before the end of February and if I get a lot of feedback and apps for the characters, I shall reconsider opening it early.


Daniel James McFadden || 25 || Looks like Andrew Garfield || Currently Open


Daniel James McFadden was the spitting image of his father, Marvin McFadden. Not only did he look like his dad but he also had his heart and personality. Danny was always the type of guy who was always willing to help others without wanting anything in return. He found helping people to be fulfilling to his soul and he enjoyed it though he’s never told anybody about his feelings. Growing up, Daniel was gossiped about all through the town because the people of Tree Hill believed he’d turn out exactly like his father and Daniel didn’t like that too much. He found it rather insulting actually. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his father, it was just the fact he wanted to be his own person and stand out. Being a part of the crowd was not how Danny wanted to go out in this world. Throughout his entire childhood to teenage years, he’s only had two best friends and one of them was the beautiful Holly Gatina.

He and Holly met in kindergarten when he asked her for the blue crayon she wasn’t using. Since then the two became inseparable. Daniel has never felt so heavy passionate with anybody but Holly. He’s dated girls but they never filled his heart like Holly did. The only power with Daniel was the fact he’d never tell Holly how he truly feels. For years, he’s watched her date the wrong guys and hold her when she cries when they cheat or leave her. He just wanted to punch those idiots and show Holly how important and beautiful she is but he’s adorable of the consequences, of him losing her forever. It’s his biggest fear.  High school was a breeze for Daniel because he got the best grades, played on the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team and even made class valedictorian. He made the entire town of Tree Hill most proud when he got accepted into Yale University.

 For four years, Daniel majored in law and graduated in the top ten percent in his class. Just recently he moved back to Tree Hill to help take care of his family and watch his youngest sister finally graduate high school. He plans on opening up his own firm in Tree Hill or somewhere near it and finally tell Holly Gatina he’s madly in love with her.

Fun facts

  • Quiet, Intelligent and Creative.
  • Doesn’t talk much to people he doesn’t feel comfortable with.
  • His best friend is his younger brother Adrian McFadden.
  • He’s very protective of his baby sister Beth.
  • Enjoys to read comic books, eating Lays potato chips and listening to  Imagine Dragons.
  • Gets along really well with his co-worker Olivia Taylor at Sears department store.

His inner circle

  • He is the first born son of Millicent and Marvin McFadden.
  • His possible love interest are Holly Gatina, Sawyer Scott, Lily Roe Scott and Olivia Taylor.

Dear my lovely followers & fans of WBH

I am super sorry for the absence of the biography writing and getting this place off the ground again. I know I said this would be up and running months ago but due to real life stresses such as work, school etc, it has taken a big chunk of my free time. So due to this, I am here to tell you that I am going to push the open date of the roleplay to the beginning of summer.

I know it’s a long way away but due to my real life stresses it’s a lot harder to get on and write the bios. But since my long break, I had better ideas for the roleplay and I hope to make this place work again. So please keep checking on the site and get excited for the summer because Tree Hill will be back and better than ever.

Do you allow fc changes?

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Ok so after on my breaks re watching OTH and the OC, I got these brilliant ideas for the WBH RPG. so I’m going to completely rewrite some bios and than make these awesome family idea I got from going down memory lane, so um I’ve decided to make these bios perfect that I’d push the opening till the first of the year, so the rp will hopefully be opened on the 6th of January. So stayed tuned for the bios.


Mason Kane || Age: 24  || Looks Like Keegan Allen ||  Currently Open


Mason James Kane was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana to one of the richest tycoons in the United States.  Mason always spent his family summers in Tree hill because his family owned the beach and the beach houses around one of Tree Hill’s biggest properties of land. His father owns several successful businesses all around the world, while his mother is an elegant socialite. Mason was always a kind hearted kid. Even though his parents were really successful, he never developed the spoiled brat syndrome.  His parents were actually around a lot. He loved his parents dearly but when Mason was 9 years old he had caught his father cheating on his mother with his nanny.

 A year later Mason discovered that his mother had heart cancer, she died when he was 13 years old. Mace was heartbroken when his mom left him. He really truly cared for her and the fact his father didn’t just made him angry. Ever since Mason’s mother passed away his dad brought home woman after woman for years till he was 19 years old and married his secretary. Mason was never a fan of his step mom. He found his step mother to be quite a bitch.  Mace had always found ways to leave the house so he just wouldn’t have to be around them.

His family upped and moved to Tree Hill, NC when Mason was 15 years old. At first he didn’t like living in Tree Hill but then he met her, Emilia Adams. Emilia was the first person Mace actually felt connected with. They shared a lot of the same things but also a lot of different taste. He found her sweet and playful manner really attractive. They grew close really fast and ended up dating after be best friends for over a year. Mason and Emmy have dated on and off for four years. She is the only girl Mason really cares about besides his best friend Tamina. He wants to tell Emmy everything but he is scared she’d treat him differently, so he will act like nothing is wrong and lie to her face.

He was a pretty good liar but Emilia knew him all too well. He hated it when they fought but he just couldn’t tell her; their on and off again relationship still last till this day. Mason wants to become famous for his music one day but it’s really hard to get noticed in a small town that has a lot of local celebrities. Currently Mason is living in Tree Hill working at Peyton’s Record label “Red Bedroom Record” trying to make it big in the music business.

 Fun facts:

  • Sarcastic, fun, nice and cool.
  • His best friend is Talon Gatina
  • Wants to be known for his music nothing else.
  • The first instrument he ever picked up was his drum set at the age of 5.
  • His greatest passion has always been music
  • Considered a jack of all trades; can do anything.

His Inner Circle:

  • He is the oldest son of Leah and Cory Kane.
  • His Possible Love Interest are: Emilia Adams, Tamina Whitman, Sawyer Scott, Up to Roleplayer.