Tree hill needs more testosterone !!

Come check out our open males and come apply for them? You’d seriously get loved down and there will be a lot of potential plots you can sink your teeth into. So come check us out and apply.

Admin is currently online

and is going to switch around some face claims while also writing bios. So if anyone has any questions about the roleplay or would like to send in an app please send them in, I’d be more than happy to see some apps in the inbox.

irishathaway asked:
Here's my account <3

Everyone follow Iris!

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Everyone follow Leena!

It would be amazing

If you lovely people could come check us and apply today. We are in serious needs of males and we’d love you down if you apply for one or a female is good too. So what are you waiting for? Come check us out and apply today.

Want to join a kickass second gen rp?

Well look no further! Come check us out. We are an amazing and active second generation One Tree Hill rp and we’d love to add more to our little family. So browse our plot, open characters and hit that submit button. I promise you won’t regret it.

Everyone follow Lydia Scott
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Hazel has begrudgingly moved into the neighborhood. :)

Haha Everyone follow Hazel :)

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Welcome home Iris Hathaway

Dear Katie,

After a long and tough decision about who to give the role of Lydia Scott too, I’ve decided thanks to your writing that you’d be the perfect pick for your second choice character Iris Hathaway. Your writing is amazing and I honestly can’t wait to see how you will bring Iris to life. Sorry about not getting your first choice :( but I know you are a fantastic writer and that Iris will hopefully be a fun and perfect fit for you. Please make your account and send it in within 48 hours. Also please make sure you open your ask and submit boxes for future messages, task and a link to the ooc blog. Can’t wait to officially meet you, welcome to the roleplay.

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Welcome home lydia Scott

Dear Ellie,

After a long and hard decision in choosing the best person to play our lovely Lydia Scott, I’ve decided that your sample and description fit Lydia best. Congrats on receiving the role of Lydia Scott :) Your app and sample para was nothing but flawless. I know you will do the role great justice and I can’t wait t0 see you on the dash. Please make your account and send it in within 48 hours. Also please make sure to have your ask and submit boxes open for the ooc link. Welcome to the rp <3

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